50 or 60 hz - 33/45 rpm capstan for Presto 6N 8N 6D and 75a

Regular price $175.00

These replacements capstans will convert your 33/78 motor into a 33/45 motor. Available in 60 hz (US) and 50 Hz (Europe) versions. Also includes a removal kit for your old capstan (if you have the open top, interior threading capstan).

PLEASE NOTE: Using this capstan MAY require modification to some lathes. You may have to drill and tap new motor mount holes in your topplate. I will include instructions for 6N/8N and assistance if necessary on other models. ALSO NOTE: Some original capstans are STUCK TIGHT. 90% of them come off with some penetrating oil and a heat gun.

Price includes US Shipping. For international shipping I will contact you for the additional difference.

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