About Us

RecordLatheParts.com is the culmination of decades of experience in record lathes, from building, repairing, and selling, to literally cutting fifty thousand records for customers across the world.

We sell refurbished record lathe cutters, record blanks of various sizes for embossing, and packaging for custom lathe cut records. In addition, we are the current owners of the Presto Recording Corporation™ trademark, and we are the only company in the world currently manufacturing hard to find feedscrews for vintage Presto cutters, as well as custom sapphire embossing styli.

Training & Technical Support

In addition to refurbishing lathes & selling parts, we also offer training and technical support for lathe cutters of all skill sets. We have attended & presented at almost one hundred live record cutting events, as well as held nearly a dozen sessions of our "Lathe Cut Camp" where folks can come train on our machines and learn how to get started in lathe cutting their own records.

Our Other Enterprises

In addition to RecordLatheParts.com, we run a multitude of vinyl-focused enterprises that seek to share our love of vinyl and lathe cut records through releases, events, and education. Check them out below and visit their respective sites for more information.


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