iRIAA Equalization Box

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This box will precisely apply the Inverse RIAA curve in real time. Required if you prefer not run your audio through a computer before cutting. 

Available in four configurations (some may require special order and increased turnaround times). Available in 110v (US) and 220v (Euro).

  • RIAA Dual Mono (Desktop) (two mono inputs to two mono outputs Great for using a pre-mono-fied track and sending to two lathes or for use with a stereo cutting head)
  • RIAA Stereo with Summing Switch (Desktop) (Left and right mono inputs can be summed to two mono outputs, or can be used with stereo cutter head as well with switch off). 
  • Dual Mono In to Summed Mono Out Mini Box (much smaller profile, automatically sums two left and right mono inputs to a single mono output. Great for travel gigs or small spaces) 

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